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All-In-One Carpet Cleaning

When performing carpet cleaning with Aseando AIO®, it allows for stains to be removed rapidly and most of the times, thanks to a combination with the application of Aseando Chem® solutions, 99% of the time all stains can be removed from carpets including make up, tea, wine, coffee, blood, carbonated drinks, food and oil.

In the unlikely event that a hot water extraction machine can’t remove a particular stain, we will always come equipped with a secondary option and have a vast collection of stain removal solutions that can tackle any stubborn stains that can’t be shifted. We believe in wasting no time in getting things done.

Dry Cleaning Encapsulation

When performing encapsulation cleaning with the Aseando Encap® system, the carpet does not become soaked with water as it does with hot water extraction. The low moisture encapsulation cleaning method allows carpet to dry within about 20 minutes after the application of Aseando Chem® solutions, meaning that facilities will experience less downtime and cleaning staff can work efficiently and quickly over large areas.

Industrial-Grade Dryer

With Aseando QuickDry® system, this high-powered and relatively quiet blower is a complimentary service we provide to facilitate drying effectively, further minimising disruptions to the workforce.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With the signature Aseando WeCare®, we leave no stains or customers behind. We strive with absolute integrity, honesty, and transparency. Should there any any leftover stains, we will rectify again without additional charge. Yes, we understand what we are getting ourselves into, but this is our absolute dedication in guaranteeing your satisfaction.

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